Week 45

Each week a group of wonderful photographers from Beautiful Beasties Network challenges each other to take on an assignment. This is a great way to network, get to know each other, and just try new things in general.

This weeks theme is the kitchen. Kitchen is the favorite place of my pups. Kitchen represents so many good things, such as feeding time, conversation time, treat time, or just a good time in general. I have been a dog trainer for over 15 years and dogs learn a lot thru association. Kitchen is always associated with good things.

With few images in my mind Katchka my mascot was all over my idea. Such a sweet girl. We discussed the shoot at a bed time. When I woken up Katchka was in an action already! She had her biscuits, dental treats, all purpose flower, eggs out on the table. This is how I found miss Katchka, cooking up a trouble!!


Considering the mess, she was soooo cute. She tried to whip some breakfast up for mum. I don't think she knows I am trying to quit on dog biscuits. To the right you can see some coffee brewing, what a smart girl! Oh yea, what about the rest of the gang? They were sitting on a chair that Katchka had by the kitchen sink and supervised her. I was not ok with the mess. Katchka got ultimatum to clean up while I took a shower. This is what I walk into :) Love my Three Musketeers, always making me smile.


Katchka looks guilty, Kika was not sure what to do, and Sarik was protecting the food from the kitty. Final cleaning up photo is here  


I hope my story made you smile and you had fun! I would love to invite you to follow translation of our project by viewing work of Barking Lab Studio, New Jersey Dog Photography. This is a circle and we always have lots of photographers participating. Please scroll down on each blog and visit the next photographer.

Have fun! 

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