Week 2

Happy Friday!

Each week a group of wonderful photographers from Beautiful Beasties Network challenges each other to take on an assignment. This is a great way to network, get to know each other, and just try new things in general.

This weeks theme is Joy. Each individual will translate joy in their own way. For me, joy is my happy and healthy pups by my side. I always make these posts about my pups but this time I would like to share different kind of joy. Many of you know I volunteer in two kill shelters, one hi-kill shelter, and I have been working with few amazing rescues. The joy I am about to share is the kind I see in the shelter's pups eyes, when they get to go out and play. This small rural shelter doesn't have enough volunteers, often some pups don't make it out more than once a week. Seeing these scared looks behind these bars, but once you bring them out they show you their true fun personalities. That is the 'other' kind of joy I love to see. This week was fun, because we have lots of puppies and they love to play! Puppies!!!


This beautiful puppy bathing in a sun is Hope. Hope is about 8M old and she loves to play with tennis balls. She is fun, bouncy, and such a hoot. Sadly, she has been in the shelter for a while. Two things: she is black and she is pittie. I will never understand what people have against black dogs or cats. Doesn't matter the color, what truly matters is the personality. Hope is loving, sweet, and just energetic puppy. Sadly, she is located in a kill shelter and I hope for the best.


This sweet boy is older but I wanted to add him here. He was scared and afraid, didn't wanted to come out of the scary kennel. He was worried and all the barking dogs around, they don't make things easy for timid boy. Once we ran, played, and snuggled he was very curious. I love his head tilt and his clear eyes. What a difference is to photograph happy and relaxed pup vs. tense, scared pup. He doesn't have a name yet but I think I will name him Atlas, because they way he carries himself. He does look like he carries the world on his shoulders, he is very majestic and sweet boy. His kind eyes show joy and happiness at that moment. He is very calm, quiet, and easy going. Some pups don't have to do much and you will fall in love with them...


I don't want you to fall asleep, so here is a bit more rambunctious joy coming your way! This sweet puppy girl is only 6M old but she truly lives her life in a speed lane ;) She is very sweet, energetic, and as a true puppy she has no manners. LOL. She is in a kennel with another crazy pup, they look like sisters. They both came in as a stray, so I started to call them Thelma and Louise. This is Louise and Thelma is darker. Eeeeek feel the love coming you to yet? This is Thelma


Cute Thelma may look like an angel and sad puppy but boy is she a wild one. She is trouble with Louise they are double trouble. Just to watch them play and be themselves is priceless. Why are you black baby? I hope you both will get adopted fast.


Will end on a positive note with miss Star. She is true star. Here playing with the ball in the sunny day. This was actually the first day after two days of freeze in Florida. The pups were so happy to get out and warm up in 40F weather in a sun. Sadly these cold days in Florida got into single digits and this rural shelter is not very well build, not for a cold weather. I am so sad to say, that few pups will never see another sunrise or sunset. Cold weather can be cruel for sick pups.

I appreciate your time and please, if ever, stop by my FB page and share my adoptable dogs. One click of a button can make such a difference in their lives. You can save a life by sharing their photos, you just never know who is looking. I know, no photographer shares my photos, it may have something to do with competition, but this is about the pups who reside in a kill shelter. This is a little to ask, I would be forever grateful.

Thank you for reading! I really hoping I didn't bump you out but this is Joy seeing these pups being still alive and fun. Nobody never talks about shelter work and I have never volunteered in a kill place before I moved to Florida. I was always fortunate volunteer in places where dogs stay until they get adopted. Someone has to talk about what goes on. Love them all and I will always wish I could do more for these babies...

Now, snap out of this and go have fun! Head over to view translation of our project by heading over to Posh Pets Photography, Toronto, Ontario. This is a circle and we always have lots of photographers participating. Please scroll down on each blog and visit the next photographer.

Have fun!