Week 1

Happy Friday and Happy New Year!

Each week a group of wonderful photographers from Beautiful Beasties Network challenges each other to take on an assignment. This is a great way to network, get to know each other, and just try new things in general.

I can't believe we are back at week 1! I love these weekly challenges to think outside of box. I really didn't have much time to do this one, but New Year is here and I needed New Year photo of my pups. Do not judge me, I still have Christmas Tree!! I bought my tree 12/24 and I always keep my tree until it lasts. Last year I had my tree till Valentines day. I love these cool lights.

This weeks theme is Introductions. Nothing I love more than introducing my pups. Last year it was my Three Musketeers crew, but this year we have added few extra pups. Don't worry, they are not all mine. So, here is my original crew from last year.

Starting from left is it Elsie, Sarik, Kika, and Katchka. They all have stories with some tough beginnings, but they are in a good home and I love them all to pieces.


Miss Elsie rules the house upstairs. My pups behave around Elsie and my puppy boy Sarik loves to chase Elsie. They have a game, where they chase each other back and forth. I mentioned upstairs, because since I have two new foster dogs, Elsie was stressed out. I have moved her upstairs and she has lots of room to run there. Elsie is nosy, loves to sleep on my chest, and loves my three little doggies. Elsie will fall asleep on my chest or on my legs, acts all surprised, if I wake up sobbing for air. She is tricky little rascal! Elsie is only 5lb and she is about 8Y old, but she was feral cat with kitties, so who knows. Elsie was not very friendly cat for about 5Y, but she finally came around and even loves me now. Sweet little tricky kitty!


Up next on the top photo is Sarik. We tend to name our dogs with European names, so everyone has a hard time pronouncing. It is fun! Sarik is finally 4Y and he is finally coming into years, when he can get a bit serious. I mean a bit only, because he is our little puppy. This is the friendliest Chihuahua you will ever meet. He loves everything and everyone. He is very kind, very playful, and he is very smart. He has gone through lots of training since puppy. He is also certified Therapy Dog and he loves make people happy. This boy will always find way to make me smile. He is incredible, so many crazy things this boy will do, just to get to me. Anything that is at his reach, he will carry it in his mouth and wag his tail vigorously. As if he is asking for permission to keep the item. He loves to steal my sock and play with them. He is also crazy about toilet paper roll and paper towel roll. He keeps his eyes on all toilet papers in the house and if one is low, he will sit there and ask for it. Weirdo. Sarik is daddy's boy, these two have special bond.


Miss Kika is my bonded girl with Katchka. Kika has been with Katchka for close to 13Y and they were never separated. Long story short this girl has come a long way. Kika lost her hearing completely in 2014. She is always in her own world, but will watch me for direction. Kika is fully train on all verbal commands and she has Nose work title. Last year she received highest honor called Harry Award in Nose Work. She also placed 2nd overall, competed with close to 40 dogs. This small 6lb pup beat all working dogs in Nose Work. She loves to work hard, earn good treats, and be mad all the time. Kika growls about 20hrs a day. She has this grumpy attitude, always had... something about Miniature Pinchers. Kika is very loyal, loves food, and she loves to supervise all plays, toys, and food around the house. When I bring groceries into the house, Kika will position herself in front. She will guard groceries, so nobody can get to it. She is very special this one.


Miss Katchka is my bonded girl with Kika. She too has been with Kika for 13Y and there is no way separating them. I love them both dearly. Katchka is my muse, inspiration, and everyday miracle. Katchka is selfless, very smart, and super sweet girl. Katchka is also Nose Work certified and she learns very quickly. Food is the biggest motivator. My Katchka is like a cat, she will come and collect what she wants on her terms. Meaning, if she wants to play, she will if she decides. Nobody can make her, if she is not up to it, she won't play. Katchka is my charismatic leader. Katchka puts all other dogs before herself. I have never seen anything like it. Katchka will choose to step away and let others get attention. She is always near, but never too close. One can almost forget we have her, as Katchka does everything on her terms. Katchka is my business logo, she is and always will be my baby girl. At one point Katchka was daddy's girl, but the puppy boy took over. Katchka is back being mommy's girl.

Now for the two new kids on the block!

Miss Honey came to my home as temporary foster in May. Sweet Honey shuts down in the shelter and the shelter was full. Honey was not fully use to living indoors, so she had to learn co-exist indoors. What a smart girl. She had slow start, was returned to the shelter few months after she was adopted. Honey was very timid and took some time to trust me. She is super cute mix, very smart, and we have worked on all her issues. Honey is the perfect dog now. Honey is very low maintenance dog, she doesn't go on my furniture, and with Honey being this easy it doesn't feel as an extra dog in the house. Honey was afraid of everything, now she loves car ride and any outdoor activity. We took her to ME on vacation and she has been camping, kayaking, hiking, and chilling. This girl is just very easy dog and she is starting to look into the camera too. She has come a long way and I am honored to be a part of it. If Honey doesn't find a home, she will always have one here with us. My little dogs love her and she loves them. We are working on loving Elsie. Honey is kitty chaser, I hope she learns to love my kitty. Love this girl!


Cuteness alert! ^^^^^^


Another foster is Mojo. Mojo is Miniature Pincher and he is over 1Y. Mojo came to the shelter severely starved, dehydrated, and not very socialized. Mojo has been great dog to work with. He has come a long way with his behavior issues. Mojo is now ready for his forever home, we are still working on socializing. My pack helped Mojo in a way I would never be able to help. Having healthy balanced pack is so important for rehabilitation. Mojo is finally affectionate, very playful, and super lively boy. This boy will always find a way to make me chuckle, while he is passing me 100mph. Ever since Mojo came our house is fun, everyone plays more, and we do more things together. Walking 5 dogs is not an easy task. That is why all my dogs are trained for any situation and they behave very well. Mojo is in a rescue called Aussie and Me and I hope this year is his year for forever home.

I am attaching photo of Mojo upon arrival to my home and two months later:

Huge difference. Mojo has condition called EPI. He is not able to digest his food on his own. He has to have enzymes sprinkled on his food to help him digest. This boy is very deserving of new home and I hope he finds one. Love this dude, he is extremely cool dog!


I hope you enjoyed meeting my small pack! I love every one of them, they are all very unique, and very deserving pups with tough past. Please consider adopting a pet your first option.


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Have fun!