Week 29

Happy Friday!

Each week a group of wonderful photographers from Beautiful Beasties Network challenges each other to take on an assignment. This is a great way to network, get to know each other, and just try new things in general.

This week our theme is Fairytale. What a perfect timing! I have worked on a special project for the shelter. Our shelter has been participating in  100K Rachael Ray Challenge. The goal is to save many lives each day. It took all of our dedicated volunteers to make things happen. There is only 50 shelters participating around the US and currently we are ranking #13 out of 50. Each shelter comes up with a theme and events are build on that theme. What else did we pick than Disney inspiration? Our shirts say "Furry tails come true for 1000 animals" and so far we are at 400s now. Volunteers work hard to match families with adoptable pets. We really need these adoptions to stick forever, so we spend time talking to them, finding out about them, and if the dog doesn't work out, we suggest another one. It is lots of work but worth seeing these doggies and kitties finding good homes.

I may not have what others were working on, but I love these photos and they need to be finally revealed to public. The shelter has been using these photos to advertise and for their flyers. Ready or not, here we come! All these pups are shelter pups and these amazing dressed up children belong to our volunteers and staff.

I added a bit of texture to cover the shelter environment and get more attention to my subjects. Have fun!


I hope you had fun and enjoyed my weekly project, maybe got inspired to get out and play with your own dogs or children :) Head over to view translation of our project  to Sydney & MAC Creative Designs, Washington DC. This is a circle and we always have lots of photographers participating. Please scroll down on each blog and visit the next photographer.

Have fun!