Week 30

Happy Friday!

Each week a group of wonderful photographers from Beautiful Beasties Network challenges each other to take on an assignment. This is a great way to network, get to know each other, and just try new things in general.

This week our theme is Sleepy Time. This weeks challenge is fun. I had little to no time, but I managed to snap few shots while the pups were napping. I love watching my dogs play, I love watching them interact with each other, and I love watching them sleep too. There are always days, that I don't have my camera handy, but the sleeping position is priceless. I bet we all seen something goofy and camera is nowhere near.

As I mentioned in few posts before I have a foster dog Honey. She immediately bonded with my youngest dog. At this point they are inseparable, even during sleepy time. On these photos I have Honey and Sarik napping together. Honey is in a deep sleep and Sarik is on a watch. He kept closing his eyes and his head was getting heavy with each breath.


I love still or sleeping subject, I have a chance to practice and play with the light. Here on this photo Honey slept in a small strip of a sun. I absolutely love low light situations and my own interpretation. This photo reminds me that someone is ALWAYS watching me.


Speaking of times that something cute happens and I don't have my camera... On this photo it was storming and a towel was thrown over the sofa, so honey could just hide her head in it. She likes that. I have given her Rescue Remedy to calm down and when I turned around the towel fallen down onto her. So cute....


Going over these photos, it looks like I don't have dog beds around my house :) Disclaimer, I pulled doggie beds away for the moment of these photos. I actually have even more doggie beds now that I have this big girl in a house. I want her to be able to snuggle with my young puppy and be comfortable. No animals were harmed during the shoot and beds were put in place right after these shots.

I hope you had fun and enjoyed my weekly project, maybe got inspired to keep your camera or cell phone close for these moments :) Head over to view translation of our project  to StinkDog Photos, Denver, Colorado. This is a circle and we always have lots of photographers participating. Please scroll down on each blog and visit the next photographer.

Have fun!