New Watermark for PSP

I would L O V E  to introduce new Watermark for Pavlina Sanborn Photography carefully designed by wonderful and talented Kristyna owner of BrownLeopard Photography & Design

This logo is all Kristyna and I love it!!!!

This logo represents everything I stand for. I love simple and meaningful things, I was looking to set myself apart, and display my compassion.  Katchka is my mascot and is very close to my hear with her  life stories. She is very kind, selfless, and always ready to give more than she should. She has been there for me throughout better and best in my life. I always wanted to do something in Katchka's name and here it is!  

What Kristyna have done for me is a great gesture of kindness and I am FOREVER grateful and thankful.

I love my new logo very much!