Check out our new website!

It is finally happening! Exciting!!!

Our new website that took a bit time but we are officially up an running. I am so excited to share my milestone with you all. Things are moving slowly forward as we are settling down in Saint Augustine Florida. I was able to make contact with few animal control places such as Saint John's and Clay county. I am excited to be a part of something big and help save a life one photo at a time... Which was the original idea when I started photography. I was inspired by amazing artists (one in particular Kaylee) who were volunteering their time to local shelters. I have met Jill Flynn of Visual Harmony Photography, who is great photographer and educator for HeARTs Speak and she inspired me to bring my photography to the next level. I am forever thankful to many photographers who were truly supporting, naming few to express my gratitude:

Kaylee Greer of Dog Breath Photography, Blue Amrich of Blue Amrich Studio, Adam Brennan of Pictures by Adam Brennan, Romi Burian of Romi Burian Photography, Dana Cubbage of Dana Cubbagge Pet Photography, Jessica Cobb of Jessica Cobb Pet Photography, Charlotte Reeves of Charlotte Reeves Photography, Sonya Kolb of Good Doggy Photography, and many others that I have been asking questions and following them around... (you know who you are :) )

My biggest thank you goes to my supporter and believer Evan, who has been cheering all along.  Thanks HB!! Not to forget my wonderful supportive friends Katka and Petra, who I miss dearly.

Lastly, I will be working on a pitbull project to be the voice of those who get silenced far too soon.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my new website, stay as long as you please. 

Make it a good one,



Saving one dog will not change the world , but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.