Emily and Zoey need Home for Holidays! | Jacksonville Pet Photography

I have been following page of Emily and Zoey are Looking for Love for few months now. I am an owner of a bonded pair of pups myself. I know how difficult is to place one dog, not to mention bonded pair of wonderful pups. My two girls have been bonded for the past 12Y of their life. I really wanted to meet Emily and Zoey first hand and take some photos, help them share their story. They live in Jacksoville, so why not?


I contacted Matt and Karen (two separated foster families) hoping I can meet these two cuties. It was an overcast, but any day is a good day for photos. I personally prefer golden hour at sunset, but these girls need home and they were leaving that night Karen's house. I am absolutely crazy about photos I took. Meeting  Emily and Zoey was such an honor, knowing them personally makes my plea even more personal.

Little bit about Emily and Zoey from their FB page:

"Emily and Zoey are looking for their forever home!

Zoey is a little over 2 years old and is a spayed white GSD/greyhound mix. Emily is a husky/shep x and is a spayed 5 year old female. They are both UTD on their shots and healthy and happy. They both need to gain a few pounds but that is it. Emily did test positive for Lyme disease that she contracted at one point during their travels, but at this point she does not have any symptoms.

They are a bonded pair and to understand why we feel strongly about keeping them together, you need to know their background. Their former owners were homeless. They love Emily and Zoey and often sacrificed their own needs for their dogs. When a group of individuals attempted to help them they resisted because the plan required them to place their dogs in a foster home within a rescue. The thought of sending two of their family members away was too much to bear and they opted to live on the streets with them. Add to this, the mom was pregnant. I know, I know. The baby is now here and they have been working to keep their tiny family together. The father has a job and they have been renting rooms etc so that they can provide for their child and dogs. 

They have come to accept that the best thing for everyone is for the dogs to find a loving and stable home. With them provided for, they will have more housing opportunities for themselves and the baby. Emily and Zoey are sisters at heart and all they have left of their home. We feel strongly that they need to be adopted together so that they maintain their joyful and loving personalities.

These girls are wonderful sisters. They have lived in a small room with a tiny infant. While they have been deeply loved, they have never really had the freedom to romp and play and are discovering that joy for the first time."


Both girls have amazing personalities, but at the end of the day they would love to have a place called HOME. I love how unique they are in their own way. You can actually see via these photographs what each girl loves to do. Further more they are never too far from each other while doing what they love. Both are gorgeous fuzzy girls with a simple wish. I really can't wait to share more from their photo shoot. We have done quick shoot, before the sun went down. We really hope for many shares, because these two girls deserve Home for Holidays...

Now, let me share these cuties with you!


Note from Karen, their foster mom:

"These two are the most remarkable dogs I have ever met and I just don't understand how they have yet to find a home. Physically, they are stunning. Emily has those ice blue eyes and Zoey's coat looks like fudge ripple ice cream. Personality wise? You really could not find two better dogs. They are great with kids and a lot of other dogs. Zoey loves everyone - Emily tends to like to be in charge so proper introductions are required. No cats. They have not harmed a cat ever, but they want to chase them on walks and exhibit signs that tehy have a prey drive or at a minimum chase drive."


I had so much fun meeting these girls, I hope you enjoyed their Mini Session. I have some amazing followers and network masters on my FB. I believe together we can get these girls what they truly deserve. They have been waiting over 7 months now. If you are interested to adopt these cuties, contact Matt or Karen via FB page called Emily and Zoey are Looking for Love. You can't adopt? Not a problem, all we ask of you is to share their story all over the world. I bet there is family out there that would love to meet these amazing girls. Let's find HOME form Emily and Zoey together! Please SHARE!

Thank you for reading!