Champ, Nolan, and Chelsea | Jacksonville Pet and Family Photography

What do you get, when you have a wonderful day at the dog park and spectacular sunset? You will get a fun session with wonderful family and their three fuzzy faces. I absolutely love pet sessions with rescued pups and including the family into the shoot is photographer's dream!

When I met Champ AKA Champion my hear melted. His kind eyes, happy tail, and easy going personality was a joy to be around. Champ was fostered last fall by his current family. He came in a rough shape, teeth missing, long nails, overall condition was pretty bad. He is about 11 years young and his foster family fallen in love instantly. I mean who would not? Look at this sweet face! This is what I call foster success! Champ has forever home and his family loves him dearly.


Looking into Champ's eyes no explaining necessary, he is very sweet gentleman.


Champs is a bit of a mamma's boy... precious moment 


Next up is Nolan. Nolan is younger energetic pup, but he is so much fun. I believe he keeps everyone spunky and fun. He has this innocent look on his face, but don't let that fool you, he has a wild side to him. I believe Nolan is the family clown, always makes everyone entertained. He is so much fun! What a great personality balances Champ and Chelsea perfectly. You be the judge, look into these eyes.


Nolan is more of a daddy's boy...


Time to meet the lady of the house! Chelsea keeps these two gentleman in line, she is free spirited, gorgeous looking pup. Chelsea too was adopted from Jacksonville area and she just fits. She is cute, free spirited, and very unpredictable girl. I love the fact that she is all white and fluffy, but you will catch her dig a hole. Chelsea surprised me the most. Her mom said she is a bit shy and reserved, but she rocked the shoot with A+! Take a look at this cute face!


I have a weakness for scruffy faces!


Chelsea is kind of everyone's pup...


Time to add some family shots and some fun in a park shots too!!! I was impressed how these three behave and listen. They all love treats, so motivate them to strike a pose was very easy! Keep scrolling down!!

Joelle, Trenton and the two gentleman. All four absolute stars of the night and joy to work with! Love when everyone is happy!


Fun in a dog park with Champ, Nolan, and Chelsea! Look at these three personalities!


Little did I know that Champ loves to play with Frisbee! He is not as old as someone thinks!


Chelsea is surprising me with her digging abilities!


We had great time creating family memories together. Thank you Amanda, James, Joelle, and Trenton for meeting with me and making this possible! I had fun meeting your sweet pups, who are well behaved. The light at the sunset was spectacular!

Thank you for reading!