In Loving Memory of Charlie

Many of you have followed my shelter work for a while now. I volunteer in several shelters around the town, helping save lives one photo at a time... At Clay County Animal Care and Control we have many caring volunteers. When I met Regina little did I know that I will meet an angel named Charlie. Regina adopted Charlie from the Jacksonville Humane Society at age 12 years young. He was labeled as 'aggressive senior' and due to his behavior he made it to the kill list twice. Regina and her friend Salina knew Charlie and his corks, certainly he was not aggressive, just respectful senior. Regina has given Charlie a home so he could age gracefully and loved.

Charlie had kind eyes and when I photographed him, he always made sure to look into my camera. His expression in his face let me to a little secret. Charlie knew that these photos are going to stay with his mom and she will always remember her boy Charlie. Charlie always looked me with a purpose, never wasted his look. I could not stop photographing his kind face. What an honor, photographing sweet Charlie with truly tough past but promising feature.

Charlie was on medications and his days were getting shorter with his new brothers and sisters. When I was called to photograph Charlie, I could not come just once. I came to visit with Charlie total of three times. I could not get enough of this sweet and kind boy. I have taken photos around the house to capture Charlie at HOME. It was difficult for Charlie to move around, so where he relaxed, that is where I worked. Charlie was true gentleman till the end of his golden days. Not counting the time, when he got into my treat bag and eat all my treats :) This smart boy knew how to get things his way.

This is a story of a boy, who received second chance in life to be loved and have home. Charlie lived in his new home for about 6 months before his time was fulfilled. He left peacefully and left us with sense of celebration. Celebration of his second chance in life and home. Charlie was 13 years young, when he crossed over the rainbow bridge. Charlie was very loved by Regina, her friends, and fuzzy siblings.


Few photos with Charlie's mom


The second time I saw Charlie was all hush hush action. While auntie Salina was pet sitting, I drove over to take few shots of the gang, because Charlie's health was turning for worse. I was afraid, I would miss to say goodbye.


Few days after I saw Charlie for the last time, he crossed over the rainbow. He made people laugh, he made them cry, he was fun to be around, or he was grumpy. His mom knows the best, she had him for 6 months before he departed. Charlie touched lives. His last minute adoption story should inspire my readers to consider adopting as a first choice. If you see old grumpy pup, realize that all the dog wants is home for the rest of his days. If you sat in a cold kennel all alone, you would be grumpy too. Give less adoptable animals a chance. Not every animal is perfect. Some come with a baggage, but those are the ones we learn from the most and those are the ones we tend to remember.

My last visit was all about connection and my own personal Goodbye to this special boy.


Run Free Charlie boy!

I met you three times, but you touched my heart...