Help Save Hank!

I love shelter work. I have met some incredible shelter staff, shelter volunteers, and some amazing precious animals. I would love to share a story of a boy we all are trying to save! From time to time I ran into pups who are harder to adopt than others. This can be for various reasons. What really doesn't help is that longer pups stay in a shelter, harder they seem to be to adopt, and they often start having behavior issues due to lack of human contact. We all know how hard life for a dog is in a small kennel with few visits a week.

This story is about Hank and his best pal Tal. One of our junior volunteers at the shelter has learned a lot about dogs. He has been handling small pups or the ones that are big and strong. Tal was always best friend with pups that not everyone can handle. These pups have been shelter residents for a long time and Tal has bonded with them. We were able to adopt almost all of them. There is one boy I want to share with you left, his name is Hank AKA Big Sexy Boy.


Hank is 'Rescue Only' dog for few reasons. Hank is big dog, therefore he is not ideal for family with children. Hank can be a bit excited and strong on a leash, therefore he is for experienced owner only. Hank may have tendencies to guars his belongings, but this behavior often develops in the shelter settings. These shelter dogs have few things in their kennel and they often become very protective of the little they have. Perhaps Hank was not treated well in the past, but he is very smart and responds to positive dog training techniques. We are really looking either for experienced rescue with larger breeds or experienced home for Hank. With this said, he really has only one week to get out of the shelter. The shelter has been so good to Hank, he has been given so many chances, but this time we are really looking for get this boy out for good.

Why am I writing this about Hank now? I have not realized Hank was urgent to get out. I have been so busy advocating for all the shelter pups, I have almost forgotten about this sweet boy. I was not aware that we had a timeframe for Hank to get out. Please, no negative comments regarding to the shelter, our shelter Director has been just great at giving every single less adoptable dog a time. Time is all we need to look for experienced home. Hank is for serious inquiries only and truly EXPERIENCED home only.


Hank is very smart! He loves to chase tennis balls, he loves to learn new things, he knows bunch of basics commands. He is highly ball motivated, food motivated, and he is just a huge chunk of meat, but not a mean dog. Hank loves car rides, he loves walks, run, he loves to be cuddled with. Hank majored in kissing and he is serious kisser. You think he will give you one kiss. No, Hank will shower you with kisses until towel is needed. Hank has clearly become favorite chunk of love at the shelter to many amazing volunteers. Hank doesn't do well with people who want to dominate him as he is not very confident dog. Often not very confident dogs are prone to bite to defend themselves, another reason why Hank needs experienced home. To us Hank is big baby, but he does have a size and strength to use, if needed.  


Silly me, I wanted to take few photos of Hank. It all started out promising until Hank started to lavishly kissing his best pal Tal. Enjoy the view :)


Owning a dog is big responsibility and dog training classes or daily short sessions never hurt a dog. I currently have four dogs in my home, one is foster dog from Clay shelter, and we practice daily in short sessions. Teaching dogs new tricks or practicing well known cues helps mental stimulation of any dog. Doesn't matter the size or breed, each dog should have a job. No treat should be given away for free, dogs love to earn their treat, just like we all love to earn paycheck. Hank is a dog with huge potential and I have a high hopes for him. I really hope he gets some serious shares online and someone will step forward. I cannot think what happens, if nobody steps forward for this big chunk of love. I know we all try and we won't give up until the final day. 

PLEASE watch video Suzanni Elizaboo prepared to show Hank's personality:

My photos show the special relationship Tal has with Hank. If my photos are not enough the video surely shows the same, if not more. You can see Hank coming back to Tal over and over again. This dog is truly capable of nurturing special relationship with this best pal. If you adopt Hank, you will adopt many of us too. We all love Hank and we are part of the package ;) Not to discourage anyone, but we are crazy dog lovers and we will support and cheer for Hank, until the end!

Hank is located at Clay County Animal Care & Control in Green Cove Springs FL.  He has to be adopted via rescue only and if necessary, we will help deliver Hank to his new home. We will do anything we can to give boy a final shot in life. We have volunteers who will help answer any questions about Hank as they really spend lots of time with him. Please, spare a share for Hank. Imagine that by clicking SHARE button you may be saving his precious life. You just never know who is looking for a big dog who majored in kissing and goofiness. We all deeply care for this boy, help us save Hank <3

Thank you for reading!