Hank is Safe!

It is my honor to announce what many of you already know! My fingers are dancing on the keyboard, I can't stop smiling, my heart is racing to tell you the news.

Hank is SAFE!


Reputable rescue stepped up for Hank to save his life! Logistics of his rescue are being worked out as I write this, so no details right now. Hank's time was extended till Friday per the shelter Director, enough time for the rescue to take him. You all know how happy one can be to hear this news! Hank is deserving boy and we really hope this all works out.

I really wanted to thank you - ALL - from the bottom of my heart for taking your time out of your busy lives to read Hank's story. Some amazing blogs have picked up this story too! Hank was featured on Daily Dog Tag and Life with Dogs. I am so thankful for the attention social media generated for this boy. You ALL are awesome! I look back on my FB under Pavlina Sanborn Photography and seeing so many lives were saved. We all shared story of those who cannot speak for themselves. These voiceless pups and kittens rely on our help. I see shares on stories and it makes my heart dance. All our shelter volunteers and staff shared daily! Also amazing angel Ed Washington came forward and offered 6 months worth of food and vet care for Hank. I mean it doesn't get better than this!!!


I am so happy to see more moments like this in Hank's life ^^^. His buddy Tal must be speechless by now. Thank you ALL for making this happy ending possible! Hank and Tal have this amazing bond and I love to watch them together. Tal's face is slobbery from kisses, he won't stop smiling, and he is just happy with his pal Hank. You all made this possible!


I hope to share more details soon, not really sure, if the rescue is looking for foster or not. I am so happy that it took many amazing social media fans to let Hank's story to be heard. Hank has us and we are his voice. I can thank you all enough. It does take a village to make a difference, so Thank You ALL for being part of Hank's village <3

Thank you for reading. Stay amazing!