It all started with a goal of saving a life one photo at a time... This became a motto of mine.

I was born and raised in Czech Republic and I came to United States to look for never ending possibilities. I have been working with troubled K9s for over 20 years as a professional dog trainer. I have met clients with some stunning characters by their side.  I am passionate about helping others to preserve special bond for a lifetime. Photography has helped me to capture memories that will last a lifetime. When the idea about pet photography was born, all I ever wanted to help local rescues and shelters with higher adoption ...turnover. I was able to achieve that by volunteering my dog training services along with pet photography services. Many of you out there (pets and humans) have touched my life in a special way, now it's time to return the favor...

I specialize in all-natural, fun, and on-location photography.

Few Fun Facts about me:

  • I am addicted to coffee and chocolate

  • I love my pups so much, I call them babies

  • I absolutely love trying new things

  • I am a clean freak

  • I am passionate about dog training and photography. How much? If you ask me a question I will talk your ear off

  • I love to work even if I don't have to (on my day off)

  • I spend lots of time photographing shelter pups

  • I am crazy about my husband, who is truly one of a kind

That should be few fun facts, I can't wait to learn yours!