Week 40

Each week a group of wonderful photographers from Beautiful Beasties Network challenges each other to take on an assignment. This is a great way to network, get to know each other, and just try new things in general.

This week our project is challenging us on taking a photo of two or more dogs. Now, this can be a true challenge for some. Two or more dogs will display different personalities, they will look at you different times, and it may be very difficult to get them stay in place. I took my Three Musketeers out for a walk and notice, there are no collars and no leash. I was ready to capture my photo without any tools. I am calling this a 'BIG challenge' of the week! 

In a multiple dog setting, there is always someone looking in another way or expression varies. Also ears can be turned in a direction the dog is concentrating at. As you can see my Three Musketeers almost got the assignment done. From left Kika, Katchka, and Sarik are finally making the cut after at least ten takes. Now, Sarik's ear is still turned away as he heard something interesting. Outdoors we compete with so many smells, sounds, and other exciting things. Cudos to the trio for making it happen for me.


I hope you enjoyed my photo and I would love to invite you to follow translation of our project by viewing work of Share the Joy Photography This is a circle and we always have lots of photographers participating. Please scroll down on each blog and visit the next photographer. Have fun! The sky is the limit!!


Credit to Carnival Idea goes to Kaylee Greer at Dog Breath Photography XXX