Week 42

Each week a group of wonderful photographers from Beautiful Beasties Network challenges each other to take on an assignment. This is a great way to network, get to know each other, and just try new things in general.

This weeks project was Bubbles. I had this whole shoot planned in my head; unfortunately, our rainy days kept me indoors. There was one afternoon that I could sneak out the beach and play with the pups. My trustee assistant Evan almost passed out from blowing bubbles :) What a sweet man, so helpful. Fun fact about this theme: My girls are 11 yrs old and they have never seen bubbles. Imagine their surprise, when they tried to capture these bubbles. Fun watching them! I almost ran out of light.

We took the pups on a beach for some sunset shots. I wish to have more time for this project but here it goes. Factors you need to consider when working with bubbles are wind, light, and the human factor LOL.  


Love this photo of Katchka in a sunset and you can see few bubbles just sprayed over her. She looks dreamy. I believe my bokeh add to my bubbles, it looks like I have bubbles all over the place.

This driftwood was mesmerizing and Kika was all about claiming up high. I wish to have more bubbles but the mystery of few bubbles isn't that bad. This session was a win-win, not only I get to practice with bubbles, bokeh, but also a bit of a backlight.


Sarik was being a good sport. However, he just loves to chase bubbles. You should see some behind the seen photos. Sarik was chasing bubbles all over the beach, we had so much fun together, considering Evan tried so hard to blow bubbles. Cudos to my man!


I hope you enjoyed my photo story and I would love to invite you to follow translation of our project by viewing work of Dogfish Pet Photography, Calgary, Alberta. This is a circle and we always have lots of photographers participating. Please scroll down on each blog and visit the next photographer.

Have fun! 

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